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Nutrient value is good still, also be the course of a kind of the daily life of a family that we often take, contain a lot ofinside onion vitamin and mineral, still have the part of naphtha additionally, taste taste is a little bitter, have appetitive with stimulative digestive effect, the action in respect of disease of precautionary heart and vessels is very good also, a variety of fatty acid are contained a lot ofinside the egg, it is pretty good to improving the function of immune force respect.

What is the nutrient value that onion scrambles egg

The dish of name of the Han nationality that onion fries an egg is completely of a lubricious fragrance, belonging to dish of short for Zhejiang Province is. The cardiovascular disease such as fat of particularly appropriate hypertension, tall blood, arteriosclerosis, candy1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Make waterForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Ill, cancer, urgent chronic enteritis, dysenteric patient and indigestion person.

Onion has the effect of chill of disperse the internal heat with sudorifics, because onion bulb and leaf contain a kind to call the grease sex volatile of vulcanization propylene,be, have Xin Jian piquancy, this kind of material can be fought cold, resist flu virus, nutrition of stronger onion of antiseptic action; is abounded, and the microelement Selenium that place of acrimony; onion contains scent is a kind of very strong antioxidant, can eliminate the freedom inside body base, enhance a cellForum of Shanghai night net

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Vigor and metabolization ability, have the effect that prevents cancer to fight consenescence.

Advocate makings: Onion, egg

What is the nutrient value that onion scrambles egg

Complementary makings: Essence of silk of salt, oil, Jiang Pian, chili, chicken

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. Onion washs clean flay to cut into shreds.

What is the nutrient value that onion scrambles egg

2.Add the egg a little bit salt delimits medicinal powder. The bottom in boiler is oily, oil is hot, fry an egg into egg fluid, do an egg to spend Cheng Qi to come next stand-by.

3.Bottom oil is entered in boiler, oily heat adds a bit ginger piece, with chili silk (chili I am for what match colors just adds) explode sweet, break up into onion fry 10 will fall, add salt next, gallinaceous essence breaks up again fry a few times.

4.Build cap to cover tightly next, the purpose is purify hotShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Flavour, the lid is uncovered to pour the egg to break up after dichotomy bell it be fried a few times is OK to be fried a few times.

5.Give boiler.

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