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Biscuit is a kind crisp sweet goluptious daily snacks, its main raw material is wheaten flour. Biscuit has very high dietotherapy value, it contains a lot ofcopper, copper is the micronutrient with human body indispensable health, can help human body enhance immune power. At the same time biscuit contains a lot ofcarbohydrate, carbohydrate is the important material that makes airframe, can supply prandial fiber for human body, managing protein, OK still adjustment adipose metabolization, so biscuit is a kind of very helpful to human body health food. So teach today teach everybody how to make cookie.

How to make cookie


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Yoke 5, low muscle flour 180 grams, butter 80 grams, fine saccharic 60 grams, saltLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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A few


1, after bate of butter room temperature, with eggbeater break up, rejoin is fine saccharic, hit to color to become white slightly with eggbeater, bulk expand.

2, cent second join 5 yoke. Every time wants complete agitate to mix to yoke and butterForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Add again after the next time.

How to make cookie

3, join salt, mix is even.

4, enter low muscle flour, break up with rubber drawknife mix even, become soft soft dough.

5, bake dish of shop oilpaper, with handgrip dough cent becomes the small agent with similar volume child, rub circle, press a bit again flat, in the oven with put warm-up good, 180 degrees 20 minutesLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Zhong Zun is right, a few minutes of attentions observe biscuit is baked finally make a case, yellow of brim occurrence gold can, time can adjust at any time.

How to make cookie

Small hang:

Bake: 180 degrees, middle-level, 20 – 25 minutes (inspect biscuit size and oven actual condition take into consideration the circumstances adjusts) . Very crisp sweet yoke biscuit has been baked.

Nutrient composition:

1. enhances immune power: Contain a lot ofShanghai Long Feng forum

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Copper, copper is the micronutrient with human body indispensable health, have main effect to the function of central nervous and immune system.

2. complementary capabilities: Contain a lot ofcarbohydrate, the important matter; that forms airframe stores and offer heat energy; to adjust adipose metabolization; offers prandial fiber; managing protein.

Appropriate crowd: Occurrence dizziness, lack of power, easy tired, tinnitus, dazed. The color such as skin mucous membrane and fingernail is cadaverous, the crowd that gas hurried, symptom feels after manual activity and high temperature, heavyShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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The physical labor, person that often perspires.


1. complementary capabilities: Contain carbohydrate, carbohydrate, can provide energy quickly for the body.

2. enhances immune power: Mineral, the ferment that copper and immune function concern.

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