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Mud of potato of flesh of braise in soy sauce is a kind of more delicate tie-in means actually, and these use that feed capable person are taken very easily in the life get, so if can oneself start work make finish, so feedShanghai noble baby

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How is mud of potato of flesh of braise in soy sauce done?


1, first the steaky pork that take a skin abluent the flesh that cuts 1.5 centimeters of square piece, with cooking wine one spoon, soy one spoon, white sugar 2/3 spoon mixes divide evenly, half hour controls macerate. Potato stripping and slicing, green is cut paragraph, anise is broken, caraway is mincing.

2, boiler heat puts a few oil, good macerate steaky pork fish out puts bowl (careful, be not splashed by oil) , break up fry to give oil (oneself look to go almost, fasten an oil refine came out, that becomes oil residue) , accuse oil to be filled dish inside, next the green that has cut, ginger, anise is put a fragrance is fried inside boiler, next the sauce previous macerate steaky porkSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Enter the boiled water that is put into 1 litre or so again inside boiler (must boiled water, without boiled water, also should wait for water to be burned put the meat again, otherwise steaky pork is chewed rise the meeting is hard hard) , put into steaky pork to mix potato piece is stewed make left and right sides of a hour.

3, what soup juice closes is about the same (oneself look, want Shang Zhiduo to put a bit water to perhaps fill boiler earlier more) , involve fire, put caraway to break up fry a few times, fill next dish inside. Appetizing red carbonado stews potato to had been done!

How is mud of potato of flesh of braise in soy sauce done?

Practice 2

1, steaky pork abluent stripping and slicing;

2, boiler having oil is put, 2 spoon are oily, oil was heated up put spoonful sugar; Love Shanghai is the same as a city

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3, saccharification hubble-bubble rises on fat face put the meat, begin to fry;

4, 2 paragraphs of onion are put after the flesh becomes angry, a few ginger, anise aniseed, little pepper, soy (if often be smoked,put 2 spoon, unripe draw 4 spoon) ;

5, add makings hind to break up fry a few times, put 2 bowls of big water to stew;

6, after half hours, the any of several hot spice plants that order cut and salt are being put to stew in the boiler that will cut small potato to put meat of braise in soy sauce;

7, after about 20 minutes, use chopstick stand sth on end, try the flesh ripe deny;

8, install dishForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net

How is mud of potato of flesh of braise in soy sauce done?

Practice 3

1. oil

2. puts candy to fry when oil has 5 to become heat change (color becomes redShanghai night net

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Effervescent can)

3. is putFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum
The flesh that has cut piece break up fry consummate color

4. puts onion paragraph, jiang Pian, garlic valve, chinese prickly ash, aniseed, chili continues to break up fry give sweet smell

It is advisable that 5. pours hot boiled water to cross fleshy piece with just be being done not have (must join hot water to be able to affect mouthfeel otherwise)

Small fire is slow the half an hour that stew

6. puts salt, join right amount soy like the word with pulp inhomogenous chromatically

7. puts the potato that cuts good flay piece, rejoin is hot boiled water

It is OK that 8. puts cooking wine or white spirit

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