Angelababy is aided blast ” Tian Yu ” the news briefing is complete body 4.22 fair measure

 Now, netease is not had manacle 3D to imagine your work ” Tian Yu ” Yu Lijiang held news briefing of strategy of 2016 year IP smoothly, announcing formal on April 22 open is complete system is public measure while, also announced ” Tian Yu ” the multinomial development program of IP future: Reach deepness cooperation agreement with European Internet tycoon, russia will be exported inside year, march overseas market; In the meantime, as famous as much home country still movie and TV makes game, move overflow the company that make to reach strategic collaboration, future will involve movie and TV, move free etc brand-new domain. In ” Tian Yu ” a paragraph of scene that Angelababy of spokesman big player brings blesses video in, still allude intended ginseng acts ” Tian Yu ” the work of drama of movie and TV that future will roll out, it may be said weighs pound message confused to show.

As year great IP strategy is released, can calls this Ci Lijiang news briefing Netease game high level assemble in: Netease game vice-president Mr Wang Yi, ” Tian Yu ” Xiang Langxian of high-quality market chief inspector gives birth to game of producer bird father’s younger brother, Netease, and Netease is abroad business controller Mr Wang Du. In the meantime, lei of fierce of athlete of group of nation of football of Angelababy of game spokesman big player, China, big player serves in succession right this second ” Tian Yu ” complete system is public measured happiness is blessed, changjiang Delta of world framework division also brought a paragraph to be unscrambled wonderfully for the player, the great expectations that Netease game and player express to this 3D MMORPG sees one spot.

Regard begin as the honored guest, netease game vice-president Mr Wang Yi represents Netease company, in affirmation ” Tian Yu ” obtain exceedingly good result while, also shared ” Tian Yu ” 3 surprises that bring Netease:

In the open sex test June 2015, created each market of Netease 3D game to record, get a player quite love become reconciled to judge.

From 2013 first since exposure, ” Tian Yu ” obtained the great kindness that comes from the area agent such as Europe, America, Korea, southeast Asia, Taiwan to invite, export abroad intent clearly already at present.

” Tian Yu ” achieve what IP has acquired culture property to approbate formerly, received come from movie and TV to move free wait for brotherly industry to cast the olive that come.

Pass the introduction of Mr Wang Yi, we can understand, swim in end in recent years as Netease the product of main strategy form of domain layout, ” Tian Yu ” in eve had handed over news briefing an excellent report.

Bird father’s younger brother is aimed at game producer an a large number of content of complete system are newer, also brought for the player in news briefing spot this second fair the depth that measures content unscrambles: Open game shows level highest picture is qualitative, the person sets setting to upgrade in the round; Open and brand-new world region [the star falls county] , will bring complete macrocosm for the player so far; Open and giant deep of RAID carbon dragon, gut will be advanced to 5 emperor final rule [Huang Di line] ; Open is brand-new cross those who take PVP to play a way [Caesarean war] ; [the character is passed] , [scenery annals] , bud is bestowed favor on etc recreational play a law to join, the game life that lets a player is more interesting.

No less than this second fair measured propagandist catchword satisfies you all illusions, ” Tian Yu ” be in fair the operation activity that measures level to still was a player to prepare content to abound. For acknowledgment from inside since measuring, be opposite ” Tian Yu ” enthusiastic attention, complete system swims to have deep love for end, still insist to carry swimming player place to bring, the surprise that is a massiness.

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