” denounce ghost to pass 2 ” does new personality set soft girl of charming of the exposure that sweep a graph to be able to have hit strange animal

Now, famitsu magazine exposure a group ” denounce ghost to pass 2 ” whole new personality is set pursue with cut, check scheme revealed two brand-new part Tsubaki and Kamuna, in addition the map that this making also first exposure, look together.

As ” denounce ghost to pass ” add is made, make continuance originally the figure with fine series draws wind, even more luxuriant on the design that provoke type. In be being made afore, game gives priority to a problem with zephyr history, the player should act new personality cavalier, ko the peace of cacodaemon guardianship world.

Game has grumous historical flavor, emphasize day type zephyr. What game emphasizes is blow, behead is broken, piercing frank feeling. As to before many players guess denounce ghost incomparable, producer expresses clearly also, game and incomparable series are having clear distinction. The ghost in game not only configuration is diversiform, still can appear the enemy of tremendous bodily form is offerred expeditionary. The much person pattern that this making is window place, and PSV edition and PSP edition game also can undertake crossing platform online.

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